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Don't waste valuable "me-time" cleaning the house. Get your life back with G Apple Cleaning. 

We are rated of one of the best rate companies in Westchester!

  1.  Us, we give you a quote up front.

  2. We tell you, the exact time we expect to arrive, and the amount of time we expect the job to take.

  3. Upon arrival our clean-cut, uniformed technicians will walk with you and review all spots, stains, and areas of concern that require extra attention.

  4. We listen to you let you know what results to expect!

  5. Before we start we review with you the exact price for the job.

Mon - Fri: 7am to 6pm Sat: 9am to  - 4pm Sun: Closed


Our main service provides residents of
residential buildings with the quality they
deserve. Luxury Rentals properties offer a variety of common areas: areas that residents share such as corridors, entrances, elevators, stairs, among others; our job is to ensure they are kept in top condition and thus deliver on the promise of luxury.


Our porters are supporting the maintenance team, our team takes care of the external areas of the properties, as well as the recycling of the building (bottles, cardboard, cleaning of compact areas, garbage rooms, regular garbage), assistance in Dog Stations, redistribution and ordering of furniture (furniture), appliances, also support in general cleaning.

One-year contract position.

• Temporary service according to
the needs of the building, without
time limits.

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